Who are we?

Blackout is a team of six 15-16 year olds from St. John’s College, Cardiff competing in F1 in Schools as a Professional Class team. We have been competing for 3 years so far, and are looking forward to competing in the World Finals! In the future, our aspirations include becoming engineers, doctors, and entrepreneurs - fuelled by the experience and opportunities we’ve gained from this incredible competition.

Our History

The Beginning

Our F1 in Schools journey began in 2018, when we were all in Year 7 as a team of five competing in Entry Class. We were extremely successful in both the In-House competition and Regional Championships, winning Fastest and Best Engineered car as well as first place in both competitions.

By winning Regionals, we received the opportunity to visit Nationals and see other Development and Professional Teams in action. This inspired us, and we decided to upgrade to Development Class as we were hungry for more.

Dev' class - IN-HOUSE

In 2019, we completely changed our brand as a new Development Class team. We made many changes to the team, such as adding new members like Layth, Adam and Hiya, who all had a substantial impact on our work. This proved to be a great decision as we won the next In-House Competition. This had given us the opportunity to compete in the Regional Finals twice in a row.

DEV' CLASS - Regionals

When we began our 2019 Regionals Journey, we realised that we needed to raise our standards if we were to make it to Nationals. We revamped each portfolio, and did major alterations to the Pitstop and our Verbal Presentation. The main goal was to look as professional as possible, reflected by our uniforms and social media, as well as gaining sponsors. Our new and improved brand impressed the judges, resulting in us receiving the best Verbal Presentation award and becoming the new Regional Champions. We had now qualified for Nationals.

DEV' CLASS - Nationals

Unfortunately, Nationals was much harder to compete in as the pandemic had a significant impact on the standard of work, and outsourcing for the manufacturing of our car was a huge issue, which resulted in our car having poor quality control. However, despite these issues, we still won the prize for the best Pit Stop and were labelled by the commentators as ‘the ones to watch’. Two team members parted ways with the team, so consequently, we introduced Daniel to the team, helping us with the engineering aspect.


This was our most successful outing by far, with the team excelling across the all aspects of the competition! We became Regional Champions with a nearly perfect score, and our car was the fastest in the entire country!

We also won the Best Engineered Car and the Sponsorship & Marketing Awards, and were delighted with our results.

Pro' Class - Nationals

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of competing in the National Finals as it was definitely more successful than our previous appearance at the Development Class National Finals. We were the runners up - losing out on first place by fine margins.

We were extremely amazed as we were able to break the record for the fastest F1 in Schools car in UK history, so this was a massive milestone for us!

PRO' CLASS - Worlds

During the World Finals, we were finally able to experience the enjoyment of a physical F1 in Schools event for the first time since the COVID-19 Pandemic - and it did not disappoint! We had some thrilling races and our car managed to record the fastest average race time at the event.

Overall, we were close runners-up to Australian team, Hydron. We are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to get involved in the enjoyment of the competition at Silverstone!