01/07/22, 11:00pM

What an experience 😱

01/07/22, 6:59AM

SIlverstone, here we come!

26/06/22, 4:11pM


22/06/22, 5:34pM

Diolch, Global Welsh πŸ™

16/06/22, 7:40pM

Congrats, Sid πŸŽ‰

10/06/22, 5:12pM

Car reveal on 8 July... stay tuned!

10/06/22, 8:52AM

Wow! The infants are enjoying πŸ˜‡

01/06/22, 7:57AM

Meet us 😁

31/05/22, 12:12AM

Renders... renders... and more renders!

27/05/22, 11:25AM

Da iawn Mrs CD - well-deserved πŸ˜ƒ

20/05/22, 11:41pm

What a day Blackout Day was! πŸ‘Œ

07/05/22, 6:15pm

Cheese πŸ˜ƒ

03/04/22, 8:59pm

Our JustGiving page is now active - any money is appreciated πŸ’°

30/03/22, 4:32pm

Time for manufacturing πŸ§‘β€πŸ­

15/03/22, 9:14pM

Whoops πŸ˜…

15/03/22, 5:00pm

Excellent standard of work this year so well done Airborne! πŸ‘Œ

15/03/22, 1:21pM

Trophies galore πŸ†

10/03/22, 7:39pm

Exciting 😁

10/03/22, 7:32pM

Pob lwc (Good luck) 🀞

08/03/22, 2:52pm

Happy International Women's Day πŸ˜‡

06/03/22, 7:20pM

Thanks, PRSW πŸ™

04/03/22, 1:16pm

Rollback the years πŸ™ˆ

03/03/22, 7:06pM

Introducing our spanking-new TikTok page πŸ“„

02/03/22, 7:29pm

Presenting Prototype 1 πŸ‘€

28/02/22, 7:07pM

Speedy πŸš€ Thanks to STEM Cymru for allowing us to use their facilities πŸ‘Œ

22/02/22, 7:43pm

Car reveal πŸ”œ

20/02/22, 9:34pM

More to follow as we prepare for the World Finals 😊

17/02/22, 7:19pm

Good luck to our baby F1 in Schools team, Team Xtreme πŸ€—

13/02/22, 9:58pM

Thanks for your valuable advice, Dean πŸ‘

11/02/22, 11:50am

After decades of waiting - the regulations are out! Hurrah πŸ˜ƒ

07/02/22, 7:10pM

Our new Facebook page is live πŸŽ‰

07/02/22, 5:45pm

Introducing the wonderful Boca Bearings as our new sponsor πŸ‘€

01/02/22, 9:55AM

Thanks Hannah and Steve - glad you're not fed up of us yet 😩

31/01/22, 7:37pm

#TeamUK22 is now up and running πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

31/01/22, 2:36pm

Crazy to think that our team started FOUR whole years ago and we've come this far 🀯

24/01/22, 1:28pm

It was a lovely meeting with all of the Welsh teams. It was quite useful to catch up after all of these years apart. COVID is a nightmare 😒

16/01/22, 7:08pm

We can't wait to see the car's finished product and manufacture it. But still a long way to go πŸ˜…

11/01/22, 12:53pm

After an eventful two years with our previous logo, we have finally updated it! Now we are competing for Worlds, we needed to have a rebrand and we definitely think it's better πŸ˜€