Car evolution

Regionals Car

Our regionals car achieved a fastest time of 1.057 seconds. Its aim was to be fully compliant with the technical regulations and to effectively channel the air around the wheels. This was the fastest car across all of the UK's Regional Finals.

NAtionals Car

This is the holder of the ‘Fastest Car in UK History’ with a time of 1.036 seconds. It had multiple upgrades from the regionals car such as PTFE, the tether line guide and an extended nose cone.

Worlds - Prototype 1

Prototype 1 features 28mm diameter wheels due to the rule change for the World Finals. Several stress analyses were conducted to ensure that the car would survive racing.

Worlds - Prototype 2

Prototype 2’s main focus was in developing our wheels and bearing system for our final car. This is because from research this proved to be a major factor of the car's track time.

Worlds - Final Car

BLACKOUT 2022 was our car for the 2022 F1 in Schools World Finals. Combining factors from Prototypes 1 and 2, this car had the fastest average track time at the 2022 World Finals, with an average of 1.053 seconds. It is a result of months of research and development in the aim of challenging the designs of the past and inspiring the cars of the future. We believe that with the resources available, we have created the best car possible.